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Are you ready for a new reality?

We’re constantly keeping an eye on emerging technology. Experience the virtual world like never before with high-end immersive technology that puts you at the center of your next adventure.

Vive Focus 3

Immerse yourself in next-gen visuals with industry-leading 5K resolution, 120˚ wide field of view, and buttery smooth 90Hz refresh rate.

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A 5-meter diameter treadmill that brings you high-level immersion, and freedom of movement with a 360º walking area. This masterwork of engineering was developed in Sweden for high-level military training and simulations… We’ll be using it for video games.

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VR Pricing

We believe that our prices should be accessible to everyone.
To prevent double bookings, same-day booking is unavailable at this time. Same-day walk-ins are on a first-come, first-serve basis or call ahead.

Standard VR



+ $20 for each 30 minutes addition

Private Room
20% for Kid's Session on Sundays




Single player only

Only Omnideck Available to Public
20% for Kid's Session on Sundays

What are
we missing?

Is there an existing game that you think would work great in a virtual space? Would you like to collaborate on something new? Tell us about it!

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