Can a single session be split between multiple people?
Each session is for one person only. We do not split time in the room for multiple people.

Do I have to book in advance?
Walk-ins are welcome. However, we recommend booking online to ensure availability for the desired time.

Is there an age requirement to play VR?
We welcome all ages inside the venue! We will need to determine their comfort levels with our equipment to play with young children. We will not be able to accommodate if a player cannot fit into the headset. The main requirement is to be able to listen to directions and/or the ability to read in-game instructions. 

Can I save my game progress and come back to it later?
We do not have a way to save game progress that aligns with our security standards. 

Do you have cooperative and multiplayer options?
Yes! Please check our website to stay updated on our active games list.*Important- As stated above, session times cannot be split. There has to be a separate room booked for each player during the same time frame.

Should I wear anything specific to play on the Omnideck?
You must wear flat, closed-toed shoes. We cannot allow heels, flip-flops, or sandals on the rollers. You must wear the harness in the Omni room, so we do not recommend dresses/skirts since it also tie around your legs.

Can I be in the room with my child while they play?
The rooms are designed for only one player at a time. Additional people within close range can result in injury. We can stream what the player sees onto one of our TVs so you can watch what your child sees through their lens.

I can’t stand for long periods of time. Is there anything I can play?
We have a list of accessible games that can be played while sitting. We continue to research and add games that have better accessibility, so check back for new additions in the future! We’re happy to chat about options! Please call us with any questions.


Are you a 21+ only establishment?
All ages are welcome here! However, you must be 21+ to sit at our bar.

Do you have food? 
We do not have a kitchen but offer packaged food and snacks. We also welcome and encourage guests to bring outside food or have it delivered!

Is Aaru available to rent out for private events?
Yes! We have a variety of flexible options for booking your party or event. Please email info@aaru.games for your custom quote!

Can I have a party at Aaru without renting the space?
Absolutely! As long as you do not mind mingling with other patrons, all are welcome! We would love to have you for a birthday party, D&D group, work outing, etc. <3


We have an in-house development team working on custom experiences for entertainment and business partnerships. 

What to know before booking

Please be prepared! Each room session is for one person ONLY. We do not split time in the room for multiple people.

We may have to limit or refuse service in certain situations. It sucks, and we don't want to do it, so please work with us by being aware of the points below:

• Don't wear clothes, shoes, or jewelry that might get damaged or cause injury.
• You don't have to dress like you're going to the gym, but you can't play in heels or flip-flops.
• Consider taking over-the-counter motion sickness medication if needed. We have games that don't require movement, but you may not be able to enjoy the full suite if you get sick.
• You are responsible for your belongings. We can't hold your things and don't recommend bringing anything (especially bulky items) into the rooms with you.
• Each person in your party who wants to play must sign the waiver. They can do this here (https://api.synthesisvr.com/waiver/group/e53c2abe-ffc6-5690-8283-f8a7c58874d1). A guardian must sign for them if they are under 18.
• Lastly, please show up early! We prefer to operate by reservation and can't guarantee your full session time if you miss the scheduled start. Additional onboarding time may be needed if you didn't pay online, have issues with the waiver, or have a large group size.

Thank you for reading through our guidelines! They may seem like common sense, but they must be said so everyone can enjoy our space.